by RiV-

Privacy Policy (AGRbot)

The usage of AGRbot (“Bot”) requires in some cases storage of some user specific data (“Data”). This data includes but is not limited to Discord user IDs, guild IDs and channel IDs. No data that is considered “sensitive” is stored. Use of the Bot is considered an agreement to the terms of this Policy.

In order for some commands to function (particularly the parsing of OGame API tokens) AGRbot reads the content of all messages sent that the Bot has access to read. In no case and under no circumstance is message content stored.

Access to Data is only permitted to the Bot’s developer and only in the scope required for the development, testing, and implementation of features for AGRbot.

At any time, you have the right to request to view the Data pertaining to your Discord account. You may submit a request through the AntiGameReborn Discord Server or by DM’ing RiV-#8165. You have the right to request the removal of relevant Data.

If you have any questions or are concerned about what data might be being stored from your account contact RiV-#8165.