by RiV-

Welcome to the homepage of AntiGameReborn, the most popular addon for the browsergame OGame.

AntiGameReborn provides a lot of useful features for every play style:

  • View, sort and filter your espionage reports with the handy spy table in your Messages.
  • Have direct links to TrashSim with everything prefilled.
  • Create lists and mark players, alliances and single planets, giving them individual colors and customizing their appearance to keep track of your targets effectively.
  • Create routines for repetitive tasks such as fleetsaving or gathering your daily mine production, making these tasks as little time consuming as possible.
  • Click on a player’s name to show all of his coordinates (updates weekly).
  • Add buildings, researches, ships and defense units to a construction plan to have an overview of the total costs and to transport the needed resources with just one click.
  • Submit a build order (ships/defense units) 10 times with one click.
  • A lot of other user experience improvements. Almost every feature can be activated and deactivated individually.


Download AntiGameReborn for Chrome / Opera

Download AntiGameReborn for Firefox

For installation in Opera install the addon “Install Chrome Extensions” first, then install AGR from the Chrome web store.


Visit us on the official AntiGameReborn Discord where you can ask questions, report bugs or make suggestions for changes or new features. If you have problems with AGR, this is the place where you’ll get quick support. Also you’ll be the first to get the newest updates and test new Beta versions before they are released to Final version.

Link to the Discord:


If you’d like to show support for my work, donations are very welcome and can be made via PayPal.