by RiV-


Version 7.1.2

  • [Bugfix] Removed thousands separator from input fields as it was causing bugs

Version 7.1.1

  • [Bugfix] “Build with DM” / Premium button moving down
  • [Bugfix] Fleet page switch recognition (and thus Bugs resulting from this)
  • [Bugfix] Ion cannon costs
  • [Feature] Added all class bonuses that are available in OGame API
  • [Bugfix] Shifted event list if ongoing ACS attack
  • [Bugfix] Settings aren’t saved if account has no techs / buildings
  • [Bugfix] Max. buildable units not shown for defenses
  • [Bugfix] Parsed events were erased on AGR refresh
  • [Misc] Getting AGR code ready for closure compiler
  • [Feature] Crawlers have certain building help features
  • [Feature] Missing crawlers until max. buildable amount is shown in Empire view
  • [Bugfix] Routines now take new ships into account
  • [Bugfix] Tasks now correctly save new ships
  • [Bugfix] x10 button is working again
  • [Bugfix] Visibility of warning triangle in planet list in case of attack
  • [Bugfix] Finish times are shown again, some CSS fixes regarding constructions
  • [AGR doing GF’s job] Another fix for gameforge’s crappy frontend: fixed banner moving up and down
  • [AGR doing GF’s job] Because it’s so much fun: fix GF’s crappy footer placement
  • [Feature] Shipyard queue on overview can be collapsed in 3 states
  • [Feature/Gameforge-Fix] Removed the awesome commander feature that doesn’t let you type in more units than you can build
  • [AGR doing GF’s job] Fix tooltip delays (for now hardcoded 250ms delay for show and hide)
  • [Bugfix] AGR menu not opening when on Alliance page
  • [Polishing] Tooltips in planet list aren’t considered as “not important” anymore
  • [Feature] Option to disable tooltips in planet list
  • [Feature] Option to show planet tooltips in galaxy view to the left of the planet instead of to the right
  • [Feature] Added Pathfinders as attack vessels and to spy table’s detailed view
  • [Bugfix] Galaxy view CSS
  • [Polishing] Add thousands separator to numbers in input fields


  • [Bugfix] Fix for broken spy table


  • [Bugfix] “Transport” button in Constructions tab was leading to an error (unfortunately the resources are still not loaded automatically)
  • [Bugfix] Some fixes for event list parsing, still buggy though (thanks to @inc0 for helping out with this)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed probing from spy table sending only 1 probe

Version 7.1.0

  • [Feature] Option to center shipyard icons and separate horizontally
  • [Polishing] Civil ships and military ships are now separated visually in jumpgate overlay
  • [Bugfix] CSS fix for tech details overlay
  • [Bugfix] Fix planet overview / parsing resource production
  • [Bugfix] Fleet routines are semi-working, be careful when using those and double check your fleets; full functionality isn’t recovered yet!
  • [Bugfix] Coords box doesn’t lead to an error page anymore (thanks @l0rd)
  • [Bugfix] Fix for reloading eventlist manually


  • [Bugfix] Stupidity.


  • [Bugfix] Fixed planetlist CSS
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong links in spy table
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong resource labels

Version 7.0.0

  • [Bugfix/Polishing/Feature] Adapted some features to 7.0.0
  • [Bugfix/Polishing/Feature] Introduced new ships to AGR
  • [Bugfix] Rounding bug in Astro costs

Version 6.8.8

  • [Feature] Sort coordinates in Panel and Spy table by distance (in colaboration with @Horcon)
  • [Polishing] Removed Ogniter
  • [Feature] Added native support for mmorpg-stat instead
  • [Feature] Variable distance in Fleetsave routine
  • [Polishing] Explicit 0s in task/routine settings are now supported
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug in the background process that caused loss of data
  • [Polishing] Added tooltip with resource composition in the “total” line in the spy table (thanks @Horcon)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a minor bug in the collect routine
  • [Misc] Donation button in the AGR menu


  • [Polishing] Hyperspace Tech support in TrashSim links


  • [Feature] Probes can now be selected as default ship for attacking besides LC and SC
  • [Feature] The spy table now supports probes for looting in probe raiding unis
  • [Feature] Default fleet speed can be selected for attacking with probes (thanks to @Horcon for these 3 features)
  • [Bugfix] Buttons in messages now properly delete messages
  • [Polishing] Improved message deletion
  • [Polishing] Changed Hyperspace tech to useful tech
  • [Bugfix] Wrong sorting of reports with negative age
  • [Bugfix] Fixed needed cargo calculation in Contructions tab and detail view of researches/buildings
  • [Polishing] Added buttons in messages to top of the spy table
  • [Bugfix] Probing from the spy table works again in Opera

Version 6.8.5

  • [Feature] Spy table is now extended when browsing through pages
  • [Bugfix/Polishing] Improved loading buddies/alliance members into the shareReport overlay
  • [Feature] Added button to delete reports with defense over a limit
  • [Feature] Native TrashSim support
  • [Polishing] TrashSim link in the panel prefills your own techs, ships and universe settings
  • [Bugfix] Negative age in the spy table
  • [Feature] Bonus cargo capacity from Hyperspace Tech should be considered correctly (please test and report errors)
  • [Polishing] Reworked and updated links in AGR menu (homepage, support threads, Discord link, donations)
  • [Polishing] TrashSim buttons in espionage reports now have the correct language
  • [Polishing] Added TrashSim button to the full espionage report overlay


  • [Polishing] Added option to choose function galaxy icon in coords box (AGR Menu -> Main view)
  • [Misc] Updated DOMPurify library to latest version


  • [Localization] Some French localization
  • [Bugfix] CSS fixes in galaxy
  • [Polishing] Disable Ctrl + arrow keys shortcut in text fields
  • [Polishing] Added option to disable Ctrl + arrow keys shortcut
  • [Bugfix] Collect routine breaks after relocation
  • [Bugfix] Data gets corrupted if there are buildings in queue in empire view
  • [Feature] Buddies and alliance members are shown in share report overlay
  • [Bugfix] Lanx range in donutSystem universes
  • [Feature] The galaxy icon (top left) in coords box cycles through coords


  • [Bugfix] Firefox didn’t get along with the workaround for Chrome bug
  • [Bugfix] AGR broke when using a jumpgate if AGR didn’t have the jumpgate levels yet

Version 6.8.3

  • [Polishing] Started unminifying code
  • [Feature] Added base frame for native TrashSim support
  • [Polishing] Removed non-functional Scripts button/fair play policy/version check completely
  • [Bugfix] Wrong calculation of max. buildable units (affecting x10 button)
  • [Feature/Bugfix] Correct calculation of jump gate cooldowns with level higher than 1
  • [Feature] Ability to scroll through planets/moons with Ctrl + Arrow keys
  • [Bugfix] Temporary workaround for Chrome 71 bug
  • [Feature] Added 30/40/50% to “Send more ships” option
  • [Bugfix] Removed non-functional Chatbar options


  • [Feature] x10 button in shipyard and defense

Version 6.8.0

  • [Misc] Renamed addon to AntiGameReborn
  • [Bugfix] The spy table now works fully with UniverseView installed
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug that occured when using the alternative redirection when sending fleets


  • [Polishing] Sanitized innerHTML assignments
  • [Polishing] donutGalaxy and probing from Galaxy view improvement
  • [Feature] Redirection after sending a fleet can be changed to “movement” (AGO Menu -> Fleets)


  • [Bugfix] Hotfix for Firefox
  • [Bugfix] Cargo capacity on fleet2 page is now shown correctly (and not as NaN)
  • [Bugfix] The speed adjustment when probing from galaxy view now recognizes donut unis correctly (again)

Version 6.7.2

  • [Bugfix] OGame not recognizing fleet after using auto-switch planets on Collect and Fleetsave routines
  • [Bugfix] Not being able to send a fleet after auto-switch of planets
  • [Bugfix/Polishing] Some optimizations and small bugfixes
  • [Feature] Added research to the detailed report view in the spy table (
  • [Feature] Added spy table to Favorites and Shared spy reports
  • [Feature] Merchant button is highlighted if there is a new item in Import/Export
  • [Bugfix] Fix for galaxy shortcuts; using AGO shortcuts now goes through systems/galaxies one by one
  • [Bugfix] Global deuterium save factor is now implemented in the Deuterium consumption calculation
  • [Bugfix] Fix for using AGO together with UniverseView
  • [Bugfix] Fix for fleet selection for amounts >10 million

Version 6.7.0

  • [Bugfix] Empire view fixed
  • [Bugfix] Names of mines are displayed correctly (not as Geologist, etc.)
  • [Feature] Spying out of the messages page also has the same speed adjustment as the galaxy view